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Non-Profit Director

Non-Profit Director

Description: The Director of a non-profit organization formulates policies and directs daily operations, depending on the size of the organization and how it is organized. In a small association, directors are likely to wear many hats at one time.

Knowledge Required: Law and government, English, philosophy, economics

Skills:  Strong communication and fundraising skills, because organizations must constantly mobilize public support for their activities. The ability to manage time and people effectively is essential as a non-profit director. 

Career Path: Volunteering with a local organization is a good way to gain experience and make contacts. Certificates or associate degrees in subjects such as social work, human services, gerontology, or one of the social or behavioral sciences meet most employers' requirements. A bachelor’s degree is usually required for advancement. Most paid executive directors in large organizations have graduate degrees, often in business or public administration, some specifically in nonprofit management. 

Best Cities for this job: Some top cities for this job include: New York City, Los Angeles, and Oakland

Median Annual Income: National: $124,740 California: $166,400

Future Growth: Wage and salary jobs in advocacy, grantmaking, and civic organizations are projected to increase 14 percent over the 2008-18 period.

From the field: "I feel tremendous pride and I really think we laid the ground work for a lot of the work that’s taking place now in the United States and around the world.” - Gillian Caldwell, Non-Profit Director

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