About ConnectEd Studios


ConnectEd Studios is the one-stop online platform for Linked Learning in action! Studios provides cutting-edge tools and resources for students, teachers, school and district administrators, industry professionals, coaches, and technical assistance providers – all coming together to form a powerful Linked Learning network.

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While ConnectEd developed Studios for college and career pathways and academies, it also is used across the nation by educators and organizations implementing some elements of Linked Learning, such as project-based learning or connecting with industry professionals. Inquire about how Studios can support your school, district, or organization, and get you started on the Linked Learning path.


ConnectEd supports educators to implement Linked Learning across California and the nation, with great tools, coaching, networks and technical assistance to expand high-quality pathways. Linked Learning transforms students' high school experience by bringing together strong academics, demanding technical education, and real world experience that helps students gain an advantage in college, career and life.


We created ConnectEd Studios to provide teachers and educators with a safe and secure online platform that allows them to "power up" and engage today’s generation of "digital natives" through relevant, rigorous, and applied learning. Students benefit by having a central and persistent digital repository for their work that over time demonstrates they are prepared for success in college, career, and life. Studios is the online home for tools, resources, promising practices, and for teacher and industry partner networks.


Anyone can register on ConnectEd Studios as a guest, but use of the full platform requires approved access. It's easy to set up an organizational account at any level for districts, counties, schools, or pathways. In order for students to create accounts on ConnectEd Studios, the district needs to first sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) committing to the collection of parental release forms for each student in order to ensure FERPA compliance.

For more information, email admin@connectedstudios.org.