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Description: An equestrian works with horses for transportation, recreational activities, artistic and cultural exercises, or competitive sport.

Knowledge Required: Equine science, behavioral science, veterinary science

Skills: Active listening, critical thinking, coordination, physical fitness, social perceptiveness, service orientation

Career Path: A high school diploma is usually required to get into the equestrian field, but formal schooling in equine or veterinary science is also helpful. The best way to get involved with horses early on is to work as an entry-level stable or barn hand.

Best States for this job: South Carolina, Kentucky, North Carolina, New Mexico, Texas

Median Annual Income: National: $21,417 CA: $28,583

From the field: "The work involved in being a cowboy is - every single day [horses] have to have food and they have to have water. You have to care for their feet. You have to care for their body." - Russell Dilday, World's Greatest Horseman

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