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Casting Director

Description: The Casting Director is responsible for auditioning actor candidates for a given role in a film or television production, and presenting them to the director or producer of the project. They must determine whether an actor fits the look of a character as well as whether or not that particular actor would be believable in the role they are casting.

Knowledge Required: Film and television production, acting, business management

Skills: Eye for talent, good memory, patience, communication, contract negotiation

Career Path: Becoming a casting director usually means starting at the bottom in the industry. Look for an internship or informal apprenticeship with a casting agency, or a casting director who would take on another assistant or low-level helper.

Best Cities for this job: Employment is generally centered in New York and Los Angeles. However, small studios and independent opportunities exist throughout the country.

Median Annual Income:  National: $57,201 California: $88,610

Future Growth: Wage and salary employment in the motion picture and video industries is projected to grow 14 percent between 2008 and 2018.

From the field: "You have to create a safe environment for that person to feel like they can be that character and test things and try things that maybe feel a little big or alien or weird or scary to try."  - Justine Baddeley, Casting Director

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