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Description: The Best Boy Electric or assistant chief lighting technician is responsible for ensuring that all required lighting equipment and appropriate personnel are on set for each shot.

Knowledge Required: Electricity, color theory, mathematics, lighting instruments, film and television production, electrical engineering

Skills: Talent, hard work, communicativeness, hands-on experience, and a proactive attitude are important for this job.

Career Path: Best Boys can enter into the field as an apprentice or intern in the Electric/Lighting Department. Experience as a set electrician is required to move up to a role as Best Boy.

Best Cities for this job: Large metropolitan areas with a concentration of entertainment such as Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and San Diego

Median Annual Income: National: $47,950 California: $49,110

Future Growth: Wage and salary employment in the motion picture and video industries is projected to grow 14 percent between 2008 and 2018

From the field: “My advice for people who want to pursue this career is they need to have a good attitude—motivated and tireless, like, have a lot of energy." - Miguel Sanchez, Assistant Chief Lighting Technician

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