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Description: Architects plan and design houses, office buildings, factories and other structures.

Knowledge Required: A knowledge and practical application of math, engineering techniques, procedures and equipment are absolutely necessary.

Skills: Problem solving, critical thinking and information ordering skills are important because often a design begins as a way to combat a problem. Architects are usually interested and proficient in art (be it drawing or computer art).

Career Path: Architects must pass a state-administered test to gain a license. This test comes after a degree (Associates, Bachelors, or Advanced) and on the job apprenticeship.

Median Annual Income: National: $76,750 CA: $88,350

Future Growth: Jobs in architecture and design will become more abundant as green jobs continue to increase. The US economic stimulus package is expected to boost the creation and transformation of up to 400,000 Green Jobs. In architecture this includes not only new Green buildings but retrofitting existing structures to make them more energy efficient.



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