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Wine Maker

Description: A wine maker produces, bottles, and markets wine. Some winemakers grow their own grapes while others buy theirs from a vineyard.

Knowledge Required: Agriculture, chemistry, biology, mathematics, marketing, ecology

Skills: Wine making requires a combination of physical activity and scientific understanding. It requires the ability to operate machinery and deal with problems that arise. Being able to sell wine requires creativity in marketing and people skills.

Career Path: UC Davis and CSU Fresno offer degrees in fermentation science. Many junior colleges near wine regions offer two year degrees in winemaking. Becoming an apprentice or helping out at a winery is an important first step in becoming a wine maker. Vineyards require a large initial investment and it takes a few years to pay off.

Best Cities for this job: The best cities for the job are ones located in regions known for winemaking such as the Napa Valley, Oregon, and Washington.

Median Annual Income: National: $100,000 CA: $100,000

From the Field: “It's varied work and it's outside work. It keeps me moving. This is my 30th year of making wine and I really love it. I like the physical activity of it and the fact that there's a new challenge everyday” - David Mahaffey, Miss Olivia Brion Wines

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