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Underwater Robotics Engineer

Underwater Robotics Engineer

Description: Underwater robotics engineers design, manufacture, and test underwater robotics. There are jobs in this field for mechanical, electrical, and manufacture engineering.

Knowledge Required: Engineering, electrical, computers, design, mechanical, mathematics, physics, production, processing, English, administration and management

Skills: Robotics engineers must use critical thinking and problem solving to identify problems and solutions when working with robotics. Communication is important when troubleshooting issues for clients. Engineers must be able to monitor and analyze to ensure that the machine is running properly.

Career Path: High school students pursuing a career as a Robotics Engineer should take advanced placement classes in computer science, physics, and algebra. The next step is to enroll in college to receive a bachelor's in Engineering. While in college, it is important to pursue an internship. Graduates can find many job opportunities with manufacturing companies, military agencies and private organizations.

Best Cities for this job: Metropolitan areas that are near the ocean and have a concentration of engineering companies such as San Diego and San Francisco.

Median Annual Income: National: $77,020 CA: $86,380

Future Growth: The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 6 percent increase of jobs in the next decade.

Did you know? Police departments use underwater robotics to gather evidence.

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