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Insurance Lobbyist

Insurance Lobbyist

Description:Lobbyists attempt to influence legislators in favor of their clients' special interests. Lobbyists often work for large businesses, industry trade organizations, unions, or public interest groups.

Knowledge Required: Public relations, journalism, marketing, communications

Skills: Strong communication skills are essential. Courses in advertising, business administration, finance, political science, psychology, sociology, and creative writing also are helpful.

Career Path: It is important to first obtain a college degree. Communications, law, and political science are popular majors for lobbyists. It is important to become involved in politics either through volunteering at a campaign or joining a special interest group. A public relations internship or similar experience is also helpful for finding employment.

Best Cities for this job: Areas with a concentration of political activity such as Washington D.C. and state capitols.

Median Annual Income: National: $59,370 CA: $66,690

Future Growth: The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a faster than average job growth with tough competition for entry level positions.

From the field: “Everyone needs an advocate in their life. Whether it's talking to your parents or talking to your teachers or your coach. In this case, businesses in California often face many times regulations, bills, or laws that can affect how they do business.” - Michael Gunning, Vice President, Personal Insurance Federation of California

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