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Architectural Designer

According to payscale.com, architectural designers earn an average salary of $49,495 per year.

“Architectural designers design such projects as buildings, urban landscapes, and parks. In some cases, designers will work as a part of a company or studio, although they can also work independently. They meet with the client to discuss the client's budget and preferences. They then consult with the landscape consultant to understand the construction site and create different concepts for the project for presentation to the client. After incorporating in client comments on concepts, architectural designers work with engineers to create a design that works within the client's budget. During construction, they provide drawings to the construction team and monitor progress to make sure it is faithful to the design. Once the project is finished, the designer must inspect the building to make sure it meets the clients' standards.

An architectural designer typically needs a college degree in architecture, as well as professional experience in the field that allows them entry into the Architect Registration Examination. They must have good technical knowledge, imagination, and creativity.”

More information about salaries and pathways toward various kinds of architectural careers can be found by searching the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

From the Field: “What I love most about my career is how it integrates so many different aspects of the human spirit ...how we interact with our spaces, how we interact with art.” Rachele L.


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