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County Supervisor

Description: A county supervisor is a member of a local government board that helps to provide local legislation, budgeting and voting on issues in public meetings. They help plan, direct, and/or coordinate operational activities across different governing bodies, organizations, companies, and individuals.

Knowledge Required:  Personnel and human resources, administration and management, law and government, economics, psychology, sociology and anthropology. 

Skills: Negotiation, persuasion, communication, systems evaluation, interpersonal skills, writing skills, management of personnel resources, complex problem solving, leadership, stress tolerance, judgement and decision making.

Career Path:  There is not a strict career path to become a county supervisor. However, Master’s degrees are heavily valued. One can major in public administration, international business, business administration, entrepreneurship, law, finance, etc.

Best Cities for this Job: Cities across the country need county supervisors.

Median Annual Income: $180,700

Future Growth: From 2012-2022, potential growth in the sector due to replacements and industry growth.

From the Field: “Sometimes you don’t know what you start - where it’s going to lead you and I think that’s the exciting thing.” - Wilma Chan

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