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Electric Motorcycle Engineer

Description: Electric motorcycle engineers specialize in manufacturing, designing, diagnosing problems such as dependability, affordability and styling of the product.

Knowledge Required: Electric motorcycle engineers are knowledgeable in algebra, calculus, chemistry, physics, engineering theory and technical studies.

Skills: Attention to detail, communication, mathematics, observation and problem solving.

Career Path: Electric motorcycle engineers require a bachelor’s degree with a specialty in industrial design, mechanical engineering or electronics. Individuals interested in research and development need a master’s degree in product design. It is recommended to study business administration for those who want to pursue management positions.

Best States for this job: California, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Median Annual Income: National: $34,910 CA: $ 42,850

Future Growth: Employment of electric motorcycle engineers is expected to grow 24 percent during 2010-2020. 

From the field: “You can make almost any job, a dream job by looking for opportunities to do more, to go beyond, to create things that people aren’t asking you for yet, but you might recognize a need for.” – Marc Fenigstein

Did You Know: Eight motorcycles can fit into the same parking space occupied by one car. 

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