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Description: Lobbyists are paid activists who represent a specific person or group of people. They provide clients with political and public policy advice, liaison with civil servants, politicians and authority, and research, monitor and track information. 

Knowledge Required: Lobbyists are tenacious and resilient, and must be able to develop relationships and effect change through verbal and written communication. 

Skills: Information technology, analytics, problem-solving, verbal and written communication, and research.

Career Path: Lobbyists must achieve at least a bachelor’s degree in political science, law, economics, or related fields. Aspiring lobbyists can also benefit from internships or volunteer work.  

Best Cities for this job:  Washington D.C, New York, Sacramento

Median Annual Income: National: $101,637; CA: $110,398

Future Growth: Employment of political science careers is projected to grow 21 percent from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations.

From the field: "We oftentimes rely on our relationships to be able to go to the assembly member or senator and say, this is why this is important to us." -- Juan Camacho

Did You Know?: Lobbyists represent just about every American institution and interest group--labor unions, corporations, colleges and universities, churches, charities, environmental groups, senior citizens organizations, and even state, local or foreign governments.

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