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Vice President of Food Service

Description: Food service vice presidents are responsible for the daily operation of restaurants and other establishments that cater food and beverages. They direct staff to ensure customer dining satisfaction and business profitability.

Knowledge Required: The work environment for a vice president of food service can be hectic. Positive attitude and communication skills are important in dealing with long work hours and unhappy customers. Skills in operations management, detail orientation, leadership, problem solving, customer service and food preparation are necessary.

Skills: Administration, mathematics, English, psychology, communications, finance, business strategies, health and food Safety.

Career Path: Work experience in hospitality, restaurant and food service industries along with training at a community college, four-year college, culinary, technical or vocational schools are highly recommended.

Best Cities for this job: San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles, California; Orlando, Florida; Houston, Texas; New York, New York; Columbus, Ohio; Denver, Colorado; Chicago, Illinois; Baltimore, Maryland.

Median Annual Income: National: $47,960 CA: $42,000

Future Growth: VP Food Service job outlook project little or no change from 2012-2022, about 2%. Persons with a combination of long-term work experience in food service and a degree in hospitality, restaurant, or food service management will have the best opportunities for growth.

From the field: “Start out and learn everything that you can basically from the ground floor. Don’t let pride get in the way of either being a dishwasher, being a prep cook.” – Paul Werner

Did You Know: The most popular items on the menu five years running are pizza, hamburgers and sandwiches.

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