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Detroit, MI

About Linked Learning Detroit

In January 2013, in collaboration with Excellent Schools Detroit, ConnectEd helped launch Linked Learning Detroit, introducing Linked Learning into an initial cohort of eight high schools: Benjamin Carson School for Science and Medicine, Cody Academy of Public Leadership, Cody Institute of Technology, Cody Medicine and Community Health, Detroit Public Edison Engineering Academy, Henry Ford High School (Business and Finance), Osborn Collegiate Academy of Mathematics, Science, and Technology, and Westside Academy (Information Technology. With initial support from the Ford Foundation and The Skillman Foundation, Linked Learning Detroit has as its primary goal developing a menu of high quality pathways to college and career, accessible to all students in Detroit.

Under the leadership of CEO Tanya Heidelberg-Yopp, Linked Learning Detroit is engaging a growing coalition of community stakeholders among employers, postsecondary institutions, philanthropy, and community based organizations committed to Linked Learning as a key strategy for school improvement and community-wide economic development. In fall 2014, Linked Learning Detroit will begin formally partnering with The United Way of Southeastern Michigan to introduce Linked Learning into a growing number of Detroit's high schools and strengthen connections to related after-school activities and summer employment opportunities.