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Berkeley, CA

About Linked Learning California

What started as a nine district Linked Learning initiative has quickly grown to a statewide movement, thanks to recent legislative action in the form of AB790 and the California Career Pathways Trust. California policy makers and education leaders acknowledge the value of Linked Learning's transformative approach to learning and teaching and the long-term benefits of district-level leadership. In the past three years they have funded more than 55 additional school districts as Linked Learning Pilots and more than 20 regional consortia of districts, postsecondary institutions, and community and business partners that are supporting career pathway implementation, frequently using the Linked Learning approach.

The original Linked Learning District Initiative includes Antioch, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Montebello, Oakland, Pasadena, Porterville, Sacramento, and West Contra Costa Unified School Districts. With generous funding from the James Irvine Foundation, each district stayed committed to Linked Learning even as the state was going through its worst budget crisis in generations, and together they now represent some of the most powerful examples of Linked Learning in action.