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Houston, TX

About Linked Learning Houston

Houston ISD is transforming its secondary school efforts through Linked Learning, providing a powerful example of how the district is working to link academics to real world application. To support its Linked Learning efforts, HISD was awarded a $30 million grant through the Department of Education "Race to the Top District" (RTTD) competition.

Other district efforts to this end include Power Up, its Futures Academies, Gates personalized learning, and Apollo academies. Combined together, these complementary efforts will help us create schools that offer personalized learning for each and every student. Linked Learning's use of project-based learning, and career exploration and training will be enhanced by HISD's Power Up initiative. Likewise, its investment in 1 to 1 technology will be greatly enhanced by Linked Learning.

The district has plans to implement Linked Learning in all of its comprehensive high schools but is starting out with an initial cohort of eight schools: Chavez, Eastwood Academy, Furr, Lee, Milby, Reagan, Sterling and Westside. It's important to also highlight that Linked Learning aligns with the district's commitment to school choice, increasing the competitive array of program choices for students and families across the city.