Reverse Engineering

Students are introduced to design engineering and the process of reverse engineering in research and development. Students study the historical impact of the Enigma Machine, a classic example of reverse engineering. The unit culminates in students tearing down and redesigning a common household object.

Ship Shape

This integrated unit focuses on the theme of naval architecture. Students are introduced to naval engineering and the history of sailing and ship design. Students explore the science and math associated with designing seaworthy vessels, and the unit culminates in a ship design challenge.

Bridge Building

In this unit, students are introduced to application physics and trigonometry in bridge engineering, as well as the potential ecological impact of large-scale construction. The unit culminates in a design challenge where students design, build and test truss bridges made of balsa wood.

Bombs Away

Students are introduced to the science and math that govern ballistic trajectory objects. The unit also examines the history of the use of ballistic weapons in conflicts of the 20th century, including the evaluation of the rationale and ethical issues surrounding the aftermath of these conflicts. Students design their own adjustable ballistic device and compete against each other for their final project.