Most Recent Posts recent posts.en-usLead Engineer StudiosTue, 26 Sep 2017 03:08:10 +0000Health Educator does Meckell M. help students center health and wellness in their very busy lives? Join her on a college campus in this episode, Day in the Life: Health Educator.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 08 Aug 2017 18:18:39 +0000Senior Designer B. encourages students to “try to figure out what you actually love.”ConnectEd StudiosTue, 01 Nov 2016 19:10:39 +0000Interior Designer"Interior designers make interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials. They read blueprints and must be aware of building codes and inspection regulations, as well as universal accessibility standards."ConnectEd StudiosTue, 01 Nov 2016 19:07:59 +0000Architectural Designer“Architectural designers design such projects as buildings, urban landscapes, and parks. In some cases, designers will work as a part of a company or studio, although they can also work independently."ConnectEd StudiosTue, 30 Aug 2016 18:48:02 +0000Sales Strategist sales strategist is a person with responsibility for the formulation and implementation of a strategy within a business. This involves goal setting, innovative trade ideas and assists in the marketing of those trades to clients. ConnectEd StudiosTue, 30 Aug 2016 18:40:04 +0000County Supervisor county supervisor is a member of a local government board that helps to provide local legislation, budgeting and voting on issues in public meetings. They help plan, direct, and/or coordinate operational activities across different governing bodies, orgConnectEd StudiosTue, 10 May 2016 17:31:04 +0000Occupational Therapist therapists treat patients through the therapeutic of everyday activities. They help patients develop, recover, and improve skills they need for everyday functions. ConnectEd StudiosWed, 13 Apr 2016 21:35:54 +0000Robotics Engineer engineers design, build, and experiment with robots and robotic systems for a variety of uses, such as research, therapy, education, and entertainment. ConnectEd StudiosTue, 22 Mar 2016 19:16:27 +0000Fashion Designer designers design apparel, accessories and footwear. They sketch designs, select fabrics, create patterns, and give instructions on how they are designed. ConnectEd StudiosWed, 09 Mar 2016 20:47:34 +0000Electric Vehicle Technician technicians are responsible for inspection, maintenance and repair of electric and/or gas-powered vehicles. ConnectEd StudiosWed, 09 Mar 2016 20:47:45 +0000Dietitian are experts in food, nutrition, and health. They provide guidance about healthy lifestyles, create recipes and diet plans, and help clients to achieve specific health-related goals. ConnectEd StudiosWed, 09 Mar 2016 20:48:13 +0000Ichthyologist (Fish Biologist) ichthyologist, or fish biologist, researches different species of fish. They study their history, behavior, growth patterns, and ecosystems, collect and record field data, and write research proposals. ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 18:30:27 +0000Nonprofit Professional professionals can be found in multiple roles throughout a nonprofit organization. In this case, a Client Services Manager specifically works closely with clients and communities, makes in-home visits, and plans, directs and coordinates the supportive services of an organization. They plan events, maintain facilities, and are an integral part of the care support services.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 18:30:36 +0000Electric Motorcycle Engineer motorcycle engineers specialize in manufacturing, designing, diagnosing problems such as dependability, affordability and styling of the product. They are both designers and engineers. ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 18:30:45 +0000Personal Trainer trainers are strength and conditioning coaches who lead, instruct, and motivate individuals or groups. They set goals, develop programs, provide feedback and accountability, and perform fitness assessments. ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 18:35:31 +0000Deputy Chief Of Staff deputy chief of staff serves as a principal advisor to the Mayor and is responsible for the development and implementation of policy and programs among various departments. ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 18:35:19 +0000Software Engineer engineers design, develop and maintain software, write and edit code, and create computer programs.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 22 Mar 2016 19:16:00 +0000Cartoonist have a natural talent for drawing that can be transformed into various mediums. Their work can appear in magazines, newspapers, graphic novels, computer games, and/or Internet publications. ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 18:36:06 +0000Roboticist design, build, and experiment with robots and robotic systems for a variety of uses, such as research, therapy, education, and entertainment. ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 18:53:25 +0000Registered Nurse nurses provide patient care, educate patients and the public, administer medicines and treatments, and are familiar with a broad range of diagnoses.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 18:53:44 +0000Microbiologist study microorganism such as bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi, and parasites. They perform research to understand how these organisms live and interact with environments. ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 18:58:57 +0000Vice President of Food Service service vice presidents are responsible for the daily operation of restaurants and other establishments that cater food and beverages. They direct staff to ensure customer dining satisfaction and business profitability. ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 18:59:07 +0000Wedding Dress Designer wedding dress designer is a fashion designer that specializes in the design and creation of wedding dresses. Wedding dress designers can work for fashion companies or independently. ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 18:57:01 +0000Energy Director directors coordinate all aspects of energy management, develop and implement strategies to reduce energy consumption, and encourage the use of renewable and sustainable energy. ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 18:57:45 +0000Lobbyist are paid activists who represent a specific person or group of people. They provide clients with political and public policy advice, liaison with civil servants, politicians and authority, and research, monitor and track information.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 18:58:27 +0000Planetary Research Scientist scientists process and analyze spacecraft data, perform extensive research and field work in extreme and sometimes hostile environments, create theoretical models, and write computer codes for planetary simulation.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 22 Mar 2016 19:16:51 +0000Photojournalist are visual storytellers who utilize technical expertise, the aesthetics of framing and composition, and instincts to provide visual images for news articles and magazines.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 18:58:42 +0000Mechanical Engineer engineers work with other engineers and professionals to solve problems through designing, developing, building and testing mechanical and thermal devices, including tools, engines, and machines, with extensive use of computer simulations.ConnectEd StudiosWed, 09 Mar 2016 20:49:39 +0000Theme Park Engineer park engineers brainstorm ideas for new and exciting theme park rides and attractions, create aesthetically pleasing designs, run calculations and design programs, and develop new electronics for animatronics.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 18:59:22 +0000Yoga Instructor is a spiritual and ascetic discipline that is practiced for health and relaxation. Yoga instructors teach and demonstrate the different yoga positions, routines, and philosophies to groups and/or individuals. ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 18:59:51 +0000Astrobiologist astrobiologist studies the possibility of life beyond Earth. Astrobiologists try to understand how life originates and how life can survive in many different types of environments. This often involves the study of extreme life right here on Earth. They study different planets and moons to see if conditions there might support life.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 19:02:05 +0000Furniture Designer/Maker designers and makers craft cabinets, tables, and other furniture in work environments varying from small, artisan shops to industrial factory settings.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 19:03:09 +0000Space Animator“When making an animation I fail constantly… I only have to get it right once, then I can show my successful animation a million times.” -Zareh GorjianConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 19:03:20 +0000Landscape Architect architects design land areas and physical environments for both public and private properties, such as parks, airports, highways, residences, and businesses. Increasingly, landscaping projects emphasize sustainability, such as green roofs and water conservation systems.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 22 Mar 2016 19:17:13 +0000Testbed Analyst analysts design, test, and manage software and hardware for space systems. They create durable, efficient systems for space exploration and use mathematical calculations and experimentation to ensure successful missions. ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 19:03:42 +0000Food Stylist stylists work in conjunction with food photographers to ensure that food looks attractive in the finished product. Food stylists prepare and arrange food for the photography seen in cookbooks, magazines, commercials, and more. ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 19:03:50 +0000Mushroom Kit Entrepreneurs entrepreneur is an owner or manager of a business enterprise who makes money through risk and initiative. Most successful entrepreneurial endeavors begin with a unique and creative idea.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 19:04:05 +0000Superior Court Judge are officials who oversee legal processes and preside over court proceedings. They research legal issues and decide which cases should go to trial. Superior Court judges hold unlimited jurisdiction over civil and criminal legal cases.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 19:04:19 +0000Transplant Surgeon surgeons operate on patients to replace various organs within the human body that are no longer able to perform efficiently.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 19:04:31 +0000Organic Farmer engage in agriculture to raise field crops, orchards, vineyards, or livestock to sell for a living. In advanced economies, a farmer is usually a farm owner, while employees of the farm are known as farm workers. ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 19:04:45 +0000Solar Design Engineer engineers work within the broader field of electrical engineering to design and develop solar systems that turn energy into electricity. Solar design engineers reduce dependency on gas and oil, and design systems that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 22 Mar 2016 19:17:30 +0000Photographer are visual storytellers who utilize technical expertise, the aesthetics of framing and composition, and instincts to capture images in film and/or digital photographs.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 19:05:07 +0000Manufacturing Engineer engineers who work in the aerospace field conduct research, build and design parts, and develop hardware for the manufacturing of satellite systems.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 19:05:18 +0000Creature Effects Creator special effects artist creates mechanical, optical, and computer generated objects and illusions for film and television. They use puppetry, animatronics, and computer software to fulfill requests from producers and directors. ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 19:05:36 +0000Vegan Baker and Florian Radke are the founders of Cinnaholic, a 100% vegan bakery in Berkeley, California. They make a variety of different pastries utilizing vegan ingredients. As part of ConnectEd’s “Day in the Life” series, Shannon reveals how her passion for baking emerged and Florian talks about what it takes to market a small business.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 19:05:49 +0000Shoe Designer designers are specialized fashion designers that create original footwear. They sketch designs, select materials and patterns, and give instructions on how to make the products they design. ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 19:05:59 +0000Research Operations Manager Operations Managers direct and oversee scientific research. They plan, conduct, and analyze experiments, and also manage and oversee various laboratory activities.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 22 Mar 2016 19:17:52 +0000Graphic Designer designers devise and develop numerous visual concepts, either by hand or through computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform and entertain consumers.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 17 Nov 2015 19:37:59 +0000Executive Producer Executive Producer oversees the film or television production by hiring the above-the-line personnel and crew, overseeing the budget, and making key decisions throughout the production process.ConnectEd StudiosMon, 17 Oct 2011 04:55:30 +0000Screenwriter develop scripts and screenplays for film, television, and video games.ConnectEd StudiosMon, 17 Oct 2011 04:52:43 +0000Production Designer designers are responsible for the entire art department. They play a crucial role in helping directors achieve the film or television show's visual requirements. ConnectEd StudiosMon, 17 Oct 2011 04:50:06 +0000Production Assistant production assistant is an entry level position on a film or television set. Production assistants are given many responsibilities that are dependent on the type of production.ConnectEd StudiosFri, 09 Oct 2015 18:04:55 +0000Post-Production Supervisor supervisors are hired during the pre-production process. They supervise and communicate the creative and budgetary commitments required for successful completion of a film. ConnectEd StudiosMon, 17 Oct 2011 04:44:57 +0000Foley Artist Foley Artist recreates audio effects that match specific actions on screen, by using physical props and recording equipment. ConnectEd StudiosMon, 17 Oct 2011 04:42:47 +0000Film Editor and video editors edit soundtracks, film, and video for the motion picture, cable, and broadcast television industries. They collaborate with directors, cinematographers, and sound designers during the post-production stage.ConnectEd StudiosMon, 17 Oct 2011 04:37:36 +0000Director are responsible for the overall creative decisions of a television or film production. They interpret scripts, audition and select cast members, conduct rehearsals, and direct the work of cast and crew.ConnectEd StudiosMon, 17 Oct 2011 04:33:27 +0000Film Composer create original music such as symphonies, operas, sonatas, radio and television jingles, film scores, and popular songs. ConnectEd StudiosMon, 17 Oct 2011 04:30:06 +0000Casting Director Casting Director is responsible for auditioning actor candidates for a given role in a film or television production, and presenting them to the director or producer of the project. They must determine whether an actor fits the look of a character as ConnectEd StudiosMon, 17 Oct 2011 04:24:09 +0000Best Boy Best Boy Electric or assistant chief lighting technician is responsible for ensuring that all required lighting equipment and appropriate personnel are on set for each shot.ConnectEd StudiosMon, 17 Oct 2011 04:20:21 +0000Actor and actresses portray different characters in theater, radio, television, video, or motion pictures.ConnectEd StudiosMon, 17 Oct 2011 04:15:54 +0000Art Curator are responsible for the collections of galleries, museums, libraries and other cultural institutions. Their work involves researching and acquiring objects for a collection, as well as fundraising and promotion.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 08 Oct 2013 18:41:11 +0000Comic Book Artist book artists use illustration and words to graphically tell a story or to convey information.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 11 Oct 2011 20:34:55 +0000Flash Animator create art that is used to tell a story or communicate a message. An animator can work as a freelance artist or work for a larger production company.ConnectEd StudiosFri, 09 May 2014 19:00:11 +0000Bridge Builder engineers design and supervise the construction of roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, and water supply and sewage systems. They must consider many factors in the design process from the construction costs and expected lifetime of a ConnectEd StudiosFri, 09 Oct 2015 18:11:49 +0000Videographer film or videotape material for television networks, documentary or independent filmmakers, advertising agencies, or event producers, often times at a daily rate.ConnectEd StudiosFri, 09 Oct 2015 18:04:23 +0000Satellite Operations Engineer Engineers for satellite missions perform spacecraft health monitoring, trending, testing and report generation.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 22 Mar 2016 19:18:08 +0000Equestrian equestrian works with horses for transportation, recreational activities, artistic and cultural exercises, or competitive sport.
ConnectEd StudiosFri, 09 Oct 2015 18:03:58 +0000Floral Designer designers create wide varieties and types of floral arrangements and presentations that are commonly sold in today’s marketplace; grocery stores, flower shops, wholesale floral companies, and eco-friendly floral and gift boutiques.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 08 Oct 2013 18:40:48 +0000Art Director Directors formulate art and design concepts and presentation approaches for print, broadcasting, or advertising. ConnectEd StudiosMon, 21 Oct 2013 17:26:50 +0000Audio Engineer engineers specialize in the use of machinery and equipment for the use of recording, mixing, and manipulating sound.ConnectEd StudiosFri, 09 May 2014 18:59:31 +0000Prototype Fabricator create metal structures through bending, cutting, welding, and assembling. Highly skilled welders and fabricators work closely with engineers on biomedical, aerospace, and prototype projects.ConnectEd StudiosFri, 09 Oct 2015 18:20:16 +0000Recording Artist artists are singers or musicians who perform on stage, radio, television, or in motion pictures, and who often write their own music.ConnectEd StudiosFri, 09 Oct 2015 17:56:50 +0000Acupuncturist licensed acupuncturist uses fine needles beneath the skin to encourage the proper circulation of the energy force within the body. Practitioners often use Chinese herbs to treat patients.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 11 Oct 2011 20:21:01 +0000Application Developer application developer develops and implements software applications. They frequently work with social media companies that have a large web presence.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 11 Oct 2011 20:31:44 +0000Architect plan and design houses, office buildings, factories and other structures.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 11 Oct 2011 20:31:31 +0000Crime Scene Photographer legal evidence at crime scenes, in hospitals, or in forensic laboratories.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 11 Oct 2011 20:31:12 +0000Environmental Manager environmental manager is responsible for overseeing the environmental performance of private, public and voluntary sector organizations. They also develop, implement and monitor environmental strategies, policies and programs that promote sustainable dConnectEd StudiosTue, 11 Oct 2011 20:30:54 +0000Forensics experts collect, identify, classify, and analyze physical evidence related to criminal investigations. They perform tests on weapons or substances, such as fiber, hair, and tissue to determine significance to investigation. They may also testifyConnectEd StudiosTue, 11 Oct 2011 20:30:38 +0000Immigration Rights Advocate attempt to influence legislators in favor of their clients' special interests. Advocates often work for large businesses, industry trade organizations, unions, or public interest groups.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 11 Oct 2011 20:30:22 +0000Media Arts Teacher play an important role in fostering the intellectual and social development of children during their formative years. Whether in elementary or high schools or in private or public schools, teachers provide the tools and the environment for their ConnectEd StudiosTue, 11 Oct 2011 20:29:26 +0000Opera Singer use their knowledge of voice production, melody, and harmony to interpret music and text. They sing character parts or perform in their own individual styles. Singers also record music for movies, television, and video games.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 11 Oct 2011 20:29:15 +0000Political Staffer political aide is a trusted staff member in a political office who supports a candidate or an elected official by advising, researching, scheduling, fundraising, or writing, among other responsibilities.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 11 Oct 2011 20:28:57 +0000Production Reparist as part of a team having responsibility for assembling an entire product or component of a product. May participate in making management decisions affecting the work.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 11 Oct 2011 20:28:49 +0000Geographer health is the science and art of creating healthy communities through education, research, and promotion of healthy lifestyles. A Public Health Geographer will use Geographic Information Systems and Cartography to plot data relative to a physConnectEd StudiosFri, 09 Oct 2015 18:42:54 +0000Public Relations relations specialists serve as advocates for clients seeking to build and maintain positive relationships with the public. Public relations specialists draft press releases and contact people in media who might print or broadcast their material.ConnectEd StudiosFri, 09 Oct 2015 18:08:37 +0000Robotics Engineer Engineers design, debug, install, calibrate, operate, or maintain robots. Robots are used in a variety of fields to increase volume and efficiency.ConnectEd StudiosFri, 09 Oct 2015 18:41:39 +0000Underwater Robotics Engineer robotics engineers design, manufacture, and test underwater robotics. There are jobs in this field for mechanical, electrical, and manufacture engineering.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 11 Oct 2011 20:27:00 +0000Video Game Designer video game designer creates the landscape and environment for each video game. They design each specific level of the game, including backgrounds and characters.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 11 Oct 2011 20:26:22 +0000Wine Maker wine maker produces, bottles, and markets wine. Some winemakers grow their own grapes while others buy theirs from a vineyard.ConnectEd StudiosFri, 09 Oct 2015 18:31:54 +0000ER Nurse Nurses monitor, record and report symptoms and changes in patients' conditions. RNs record patients' medical symptoms and vital signs then interpret symptoms and test results to help make a diagnosis.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 11 Oct 2011 20:25:17 +0000Firefighter/Paramedic and extinguish fires or respond to emergency situations where life, property, or the environment is at risk. Duties may include fire prevention, emergency medical service, hazardous material response, search and rescue, and disaster management.ConnectEd StudiosTue, 08 Oct 2013 18:40:24 +0000Insurance Lobbyist attempt to influence legislators in favor of their clients' special interests. Lobbyists often work for large businesses, industry trade organizations, unions, or public interest groups.ConnectEd StudiosFri, 09 Oct 2015 18:21:20 +0000Video Game Producer keep the video game on schedule and within budget, coordinate testing, and keep team members informed of each other's progress. Producers act as an intermediary between company owners and game designers. The complex schedule of a video game ConnectEd StudiosTue, 11 Oct 2011 20:23:16 +0000